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Human Rights Watch Film Festival

The Human Rights Watch Film Festival (HRWFF) bears witness to human rights violations in direct storytelling and exposé form, and creates a forum for courageous individuals on both sides of the lens to empower audiences with the knowledge that personal commitment can make a difference.

Tickets: Free (or $10 donation) *Public tickets are available now!

**Streaming as of May 30!**

Series runs May 26 - June 2

Thursday, May 26, 7:30 PM

two people looking at mountains

Klabona Keepers

Klabona Keepers is an intimate portrait of the dynamic Indigenous community that succeeded in protecting the remote Sacred Headwaters, known as the Klabona.
  • D: Tamo Campos & Jasper Snow-Rosen
  • P: Rhoad Quock
  • Canada
  • 2022
  • 72 min
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Saturday, May 28, 3:00 PM

four women sitting on a grassy hill

Mujer de Soldado (Soldier's Woman)

Mujer de Soldado is a deeply moving picture of female solidarity that finally provides space for the dignity of women's experiences that has long been denied.
  • D: Patricia Weiss Risso
  • Peru
  • 2021
  • 83 min
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Saturday, May 28, 8:00 PM

man with a megaphone

March for Dignity

This film follows a small group of brave LGBTI+ activists in Tbilisi, Georgia as they attempt to conduct the first Pride march in the country, where homosexuality remains highly stigmatized
  • D: John Eames
  • Georgia
  • 2020
  • 74 min
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Sunday, May 29, 3:00 PM

three people standing in the dark

Tacheles: The Heart of the Matter

Follows the journey of this family’s painful confrontation with history that will forever change relationships and explores how trauma of survivors is inherited.
  • D: Jana Matthes & Andrea Schramm
  • Germany
  • 2020
  • 104 min
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Sunday, May 29, 7:00 PM

side profile of a woman

The Last Shelter

Deep in Mali, in West Africa on the edge of the Sahel Desert, lies the peaceful city of Gao—a quiet way station for passersby with their eyes set on Europe in hopes of finding opportunity, safety, and a better future.
  • D: Ousmane Samassekou
  • France, Mali & South Africa
  • 2021
  • 85 min
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